Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hi everyone , i just wanted to pop in here and update you all on a new rule thats now going to apply to this challenge blog . From next month onwards, we are a paper scrap blog and from next month onwards we wont be accepting digi layouts only paper scrapped layouts . I hope you all understand that it is unfair to the paper scrappers to have to be judged against amazing digi entries so having said this we are now just a paper scraped blog .
I hope this dosent offend any of the digi scrappers out there as your work is truly amazing but i really have to keep it fair and keep it to what the blog originally started out to be .
Digi girls there is a link on this site to a fantastic digi scrap challenge blog for your convenience ..
thanks for understanding


  1. Oh thank goodness......I could never compare to the digi scrappers, their layouts are always AMAZING. Maybe now I can try to get in on these challenges. :o)

  2. Oh YAY!! I look at the digi LOs and go OH MY GOD and as I don't do them this is great!!

  3. i likethe idea too of paper only and digi stuff