Friday, November 25, 2011


Hi readers its come to my attention that some sponsors are unhappy about how we advertise them i have run this blog the way it is now for 4 years and there has never been an issue until now .
So i have made the decission i will NOT be taking on any new sponsors at all for the blog; our current sponsors will continue as long as they can one of them being myself and after all my supplies run out then this blog will be only offering a challenge for fun with an occasional RAK .
I am a fulltime mum of 5 kids i pop the challenges up for our readers as a fun free service , so let me stress to all i am not an advertising agecy for on line stores .
Very sorry if this offends in anyway sponsorship has always been appreciated in the past and always remember sponsors you have offered this to BW2 we didnt ask you for your sponsorship . I hope i dont scare away some of our regulars with this post but i truly have had more than enough of the back biting in the online scrap word ..
take care


  1. Very interesting! I don't see what's wrong with how you advertise your sponsors, but that's just my quiet little opinion! Very very odd. Good on you for making a decision about the issue though. You haven't scared me off :)

  2. i agree with Alanna and think you've done a great job with your sponsors and understand it was a tough decision you had to make! =)

  3. Totally agree Eve, people need to remember that most of these sites are run on a labour of love not for financial gain, boy wouldn't we all wish we could make money off our If just maintaining your own blog is time consuming imagine trying to maintain another one. Thanks Eve